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All my pics are my own scanned images unless otherwise noted. These images are obtained from magazines, manga, playing cards, trading cards, actual merchandise and their boxes, and posters. Some of my images are altered for my purposes like my backgrounds.

1. Sailor Moon Org.'s pic is provided by Grep Sailor Moon website with permission granted as on site.

2. The Sailor Mercury Hentai Free pic is provided by hentai FREE :: An Anti-Hentai Web Campaign. Permission was granted on site. I signed up and also linked their site to the pic. The logo itself was created by Sailor Bronze Mongoose.

3. Gotta Love Free Stuff's pic was created by me, Mercury298, in support of the concept of free stuff. I was given permission by that site's coordinator to create the pic and it was viewed, edited, thrown around, and finally finished.

4. KatC's Sailor Moon Goodies' gif came from the site with permission to use it.

5. AnimeNation's gif also came with permission and I'm now an affiliate of their's. If a visitor clicks on that link and purchases a product from their site, I receive a commission.

6. Link Share's gif was used with permission. This is where I was informed to find AnimeNation's gif and is the soul reason I signed up for this service.

7. Some of my biographical information for mainly Sailor Moon's, Mercury's, and Mars' image sections come from Hitoshi Doi's Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Encyclopedia. I needed help on the spelling and what not, especially for Rei's evil charm.

When creating my new front page pic, I decided to make some banners. My site is yet small, and undeserving of them and I'm more worthy of a text link, if anything, but some people may prefer banners as opposed to text links. I, of course, am extremely thankful to anyone who decides to use them. Also, as I download all the banners to my site (except when I was told otherwise), I expect anyone who uses them to do the same. This slows down things for my site and is essentially a Very Bad internet practice.
Well, here are my banners. Right Click on them and save them to your computer.
Sailor Moon Lunar Atmosphere Sailor Moon Lunar Atmosphere