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Kino Makoto is the Soldier of Thunder and Protection, Sailor Jupiter. Even though her ambitions are domestic in nature (cooking and cleaning), her physical prowess outmatches all of those of the inner soldier's.

Super Sailor Jupiter Sailor Jupiter Makoto/Lita Sailor Jupiter

Newest Sailor Jupiter Pics Added October 29, 2000
Sailor Jupiter Sailor Jupiter Makoto Makoto Makoto

Her attacks in the orginal version are:

  • Supreme Thunder!
  • Supreme Thunder Dragon!
  • Sparkling Wide Pressure!
  • Jupiter Oak Evolution!

Her attacks in the NA version are:

  • Jupiter Thunder Crash!
  • Jupiter Thunder Dragon!
  • Jupiter Thunder Clap Zap!
  • Jupiter Oak Evolution!

In the new Cloverway translations, Jupiter Thunder Crash and Jupiter Thunder Clap Zap are changed back to the originals.