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My Top Sailor Soldier Link Picks

Kat C's Sailor Moon Goodies
Anime Web Turnpike: Sailor Moon Links: This is one massive link page which puts it's links in easy-to-use catagories. It's far better of a link page than this will ever be.
SOS (Save Our Sailors): Get inside the corporate world of Sailor Moon. Find out what is happening in the US dealing with English speaking dub. Questions like "Where?, When?, and How?" are answered.
Eric's Sailor Moon Multimedia Warehouse
Brockway's Sailor Moon Blowout!
Naru-chan's Wicked Cool Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Site!

These are my non-Sailor Moon, but still cool, links

Gotta Love Free Stuff!:Want free stuff? then go here, for right up front links to great free stuff. If you really like what you see here, then sign up for their "Gotta Love Free Stuff Newsletter!" to keep informed on updates.
MSN Gaming Zone: Here is a great site to play other people in online games, Don't got any games you say? They have some to download too
NeuroDetective Inc.: If you need to contract brain and behavior research, then look no further. Let the excitement begin!