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Sailor Moon Merchandise

This section is dedicated to the merchandise that I own. I find that comic book stores usually carry the best of things, and that movie stores found in malls carry the episodes and the movies in their anime section. This is the merchandise available (or that I found) in the United States.

These are the Pioneer Released Subtitled VHS movies.
Sailor Moon R Movie Sailor Moon R Back Cover Sailor Moon S Movie Sailor Moon S Back Cover Sailor Moon Super S Movie Sailor Moon Super S Back Cover

Here are the 6 VHS videos released for home viewing by DIC.
A Moon Star Is Born! Scouts Unite! Evil Eyes! Jupiter And Venus Arrive! Secret Identities! Good Queen, Bad Queen!

And their back covers...
A Moon Star is Born! Back Cover Scouts Unite! Back Cover Evil Eyes! Back Cover Jupiter & Venus Arrive! Back Cover Secret Identities! Back Cover Good Queen, Bad Queen! Back Cover

These are the North American Released CD's. The first CD, features the English opening and closing theme,"My Only Love, Carry On, and She's Got the Power," among others. The second CD, Luna Rock, has 8 songs including 2 Japanese hits, "Moonlight Densetsu" and "Ai No Senshi" (Ai no Senshi is a favorite of mine).
The First CD From The NA Dub Sailor Moon CD Back Cover The Second CD From The NA Dub Lunarock CD Back Cover

These are the action figures produced by Irwin. I've purchased mine for around 6 dollars in movie stores (not rental stores) that cater to anime. I've seen them in specialty shops for around 10 dollars and by the time you get done winning an auction on Ebay, you've paid around 15. This particular set features Super Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibimoon, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Tuxedo Mask. They never produce the inner soldiers for this series (I personally do not understand this because only the shadows of Uranus and Neptune have been introduced at the time these figures were produced so not including the inner soldiers was odd).
Sailor Pluto Action Figure Tuxedo Mask Action Figure Sailor Uranus And Sailor Neptune Action Figures Sailor Chibimoon And Super Sailor Moon Action Figures

Here are 2 inch one pose figures produced by Irwin. This series features every soldier (Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Moon alike) including Luna & Artemis, Osaku Naru (Molly), Usagi and Chibiusa in civilian clothes, Tuxedo Kamen (Mask), and Usagi & Mamoro in Moon Kingdom apparel.
Sailor Mars Naru/Molly Sailor Jupiter Sailor Venus Sailor Moon Sailor Chibimoon The Whole Set

This is a toybox I picked up at a comic book store for around 18 US$. It is a Japanese item featuring the senshi during the Sailor Stars season. Inside there is a book that appears to be a game or at least looks like one. There is also an Eternal Sailor Moon action figure included with detachable wings.
The Front The Back The Inside Eternal Sailor Moon Action Figure

A temporary tattoo package (Japanese)