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In effort of Web Site Efficiency, I decided to move my Detailed Updates to another page. Now, of course, this means that this page will receive next to no hits whatsoever and I'm aware of this. However, who frequents this site on a regular basis anyhow to care about updates ?...

October 5, 2001 - Friday Afternoon, This Updates page was added and the update content on the home page was moved to here.
May 29, 2001 - Tuesday Evening, 5 new pics added to the Image Shrine of the Soldier, Sailor Mercury. Please show her you are honorable and visit without haste.
May 28, 2001 - Monday afternoon, (Memorial Day) I placed 7 new pics of Tsukino Usagi, or Sailor Moon, in her image section. I bought a new scanner recently and can now finally put up some more pics. Also at about 5PM, 6 new group pics were made available in the Group Pic image section.
November 8, 2000 - Wednesday afternoon, Mainly was adjusting credits section, but decided to add 2 new pics to Sailor Mars' image section for the sake of putting up an update.
November 7, 2000 - Tuesday afternoon (Election Day in the US), The Warrior of Mercury sought out her place in the manga section. 10 pics of Sailor Mercury now reside there.
November 6, 2000 - Monday afternoon, Revamped bios in image sections, so it should be clearer, or at least better than it was. Also added 3 new pics to Sailor Venus' image section.
October 29, 2000 - Sunday Morning, 5 new pics added in Sailor Jupiter's Image section.
October 27, 2000 - Friday, a new section was added and can be found on this page. I will now add book reviews to my site. These reviews will have some sample pics from the books.
August 30, 2000 - In the early morning of Wednesday, a new front page pic replaces the old one, 2 new banners for my site can be now found in the "Credits" section, and 2 new pics of Sailor Moon can be found in her pic section found in "Images."
August 21, 2000 - Monday in the morning, 6 new group pictures added to the group pics section found in "Images."
July 29, 2000 - Saturday, finished at 10:30PM, The Soldier of Protection, Sailor Jupiter is now in Manga Appreciation with 10 pics in honor of her. Show the Goddess of Jupiter your respect by visiting her new manga section.
July 28, 2000 - Friday, around 3:15PM, I've added 3 new pics to Sailor Moon's image section and 2 new pics to the Group image section.
July 27, 2000 - At 1:45 in the morning, there are 4 more pics now accessible in the merchandise section that concern a Japanese toybox.
July 24, 2000 - Finished around 2:45PM, there is now an image section for the soldiers of justice in groups. This new section has 7 pics to start. I also adjusted the links by adding a few.
June 27, 2000 - At around 1:45PM, Tuesday, for all of you Mars fans, I added 5 new pics to her image section. An update for Rei was in dire need.
June 15, 2000 - About 2:00PM, Thursday, added 7 pics in my merchandise section. They all are pics of 2 inch figurines.
June 14, 2000 - 12:00 in the afternoon, added 2 new Venus manga pics to her manga section and added one new link which is guess where, the links section! It's under non-Sailor Moon links.
June 4, 2000 - Mid-day, added Manga Appreciation section and so far, in it's ranks, is the soldier of Love, Sailor Venus. Check out my out my pics from the Mixx English Translated Manga "Sailor Moon" of Venus.
June 2&3, 2000 - Around midnight, Added 3 new pics to the Sailor Moon image section, 1 new pic to my Sailor Mercury image section, and 1 new pic to my Sailor Venus image section.
June 1, 2000 - I updated my Merchandise catagory with descriptions and added a new pic. I added this update section to my front page (This is obvious but I put it down anyway).